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  1. Introductions
    So I just purchased a 2015 focus st for only 57K miles the other wheel. Car runs really smooth and nothing really is wrong with the car. Preview owner installed a Blow Off Valve and took off the filter box for the intake. Also, he added a break relay so it would flash then the brakes were...
  2. Focus ST Discussions
    Hello There! A couple weeks back I posted about wanting to undo the mods that I found on my New 2014 Focus ST with 28,000 miles due to concerns about the third party powertrain warranty I got with it. Since then, I found that I could get a much better powertrain warranty from Ford for the same...
  3. Focus ST Electronics
    I had an aftermarket radio installed on my 2012 ford focus se sedan, when they install it, it came with the aftermarket casing with the lock and hazards buttons. Both buttons work but every time I hit the lock button it only locks and honks twice as if I was hit the lock button on the key fob...
  4. Focus ST Accessories
    I was wondering if there is any aftermarket st badge for my 2014 steering wheel. I have been searching and can’t find one. Appreciate any help I can get.
  5. Focus ST Accessories
    Hi friends, so today i purchased a steering wheel with the integrated shiftlight and RPM display. My current issue i face is, I have an ST3 so im unsure how the installation process would be, going from heated steering -> non heated steering. cant find any videos or threads on the subject at...
  6. Focus ST Accessories
    Hello All, I am new to this site. I recently purchased a used 2014 focus st. As far as I know, everything was stock. I did install the cobb cold-air intake system after installing the accessport tune. I want to find out if there are any good aftermarket stereo systems. I went into a stereo shop...
  7. Focus ST Appearance
    Wondering if anyone has installed aftermarket headlights and have any suggestions on some good ones?
  8. Focus ST Electronics
    Has anyone found any better 8” subs lately that will fit In the stock enclosure that sounds better than stock. Yeah I’ve read the other discussions where it mentions the RF P3s and the kicker comp crt just want to see if there’s more options now? Louder and crisper bass than the stock Sony subs...
1-8 of 8 Results