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  1. Data Logs
    So I have noticed on 4th gear WOT sometimes I hit afr 10. I sent over the logs to JST my tuner he claims it to be good. of course when I do the logging it doesn't hit 10. Does this look good to you guys I don't feel like my car is running properly. Thanks
  2. Focus ST Discussions
    Hello St owners, The other day I was sitting in my car waiting for an appointment and I was noticing a slight bogging feeling. After I felt this I closely watched my Afr and I had noticed every 10 seconds it would dip down to 15.88 then spike up to 13.23. Then would return to 14.7 for another...
  3. Focus ST Discussions
    Hi all, for over a year now my 2016 ST3 drives "funky" until the engine is completely warm. At low throttle (anywhere from 6-10% accel. position), I see my AFR fluctuate between roughly 13 and 15 every second or so, in all gears at any speed. It feels similar to the AC kicking on and off, but...
  4. Focus ST Maintenance
    Coming home from work, I did a 40 roll in 3rd gear and the car did not pull like it should have (hell even my girlfriend noticed). I checked for a negative spike in the ignition correction but everything was good, even the boost was normal, but my afr was acting strange. When I lay into the the...
  5. Focus ST Discussions
    This is my first post since hopping over from the RX8 forums so my apologies if anything is off. I have an '18 ST1 with a stratified tune, Green Air Filter, Acellatec Catless Downpipe, AWE Catback Track Edition, Mountune Recirc Valve & springs/rims. This morning I went out to start the car and...
  6. Focus ST Discussions
    I have a 2016 Focus ST and I have the Cobb AP set up showing my actual AFR, on idle it’s reading normal between 14.2-14.7 but once I start moving, different gears and rpms haven’t seemed to show any difference, it will consistently run 14.2-14.7, on occasion it will drop to 12.5 but from what I...
1-6 of 6 Results