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  1. Homebrew Tuning!
    So I had my focus st tuned. Blew my motor (not the tune) I got a new motor put in get it next week. Just wondering do I need new tunes to use on this engine or will they work on my new engine. Thanks in advance.
  2. Focus ST Discussions
    Hi guys, I have seen many people on the internet 'spanking the limiter' (around 7200rpm) on their fost and although it sounds awesome I just cant bring myself to hitting the limiter like that.. Can you change this limit using gate Cobb Accessport so essentially I can change it to 6500rpm (for...
  3. COBB Tuning
    I bought a tuner and this is what it saids when I plug it in and now I have no tune and my car is maxing out at 7lbs of boost I tryed updating it and it's still doesn't work when I first connect it shows the grill of my car JUST BOUGHT IT OFF friend it is unmarried HELP!!
  4. Focus ST Performance
    so Ive done a little research into the different stages and requirements, while using the COBB access port stages 2 and 3 say it requires a cobb front mount intercooler or equivalent, but when i input all of the parts Ive installed on my car it says i can go stage 3... there is an area where it...
1-4 of 4 Results