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    hey everyone, i just recently got my clutch replaced by the dealership less than 6 months ago, have put no more than 1k miles on it since, ive had the issue of a clutching getting stuck after being pressed, i took it to the dealer and they bled the brakes and it was fine for a while until today...
  2. Focus ST Appearance
    Hey guys, picked up an eBay Focus RS Wing and was planning on filling the RS and painting it. I have little experience painting and no experience with bodywork. Just want to get some input of my plan. Looking online, looks like ABS does not need adhesion promoter, this is what I have planned...
  3. Focus ST Brakes
    Hi, can someone please help my abs and traction light is on, plugged it in and it’s coming up drivers front sensor, sensor has been changed still nothing, it’s had a new hub/baring aswell, also had an auto electrician out and all wires are fine over all 4 wheels, I could start my car in the...
1-3 of 3 Results