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  1. FRPP Tune (Calibration) Questions

    Focus ST Performance
    What are the secret questions and phrases to use with the dealer? I spoke now with a Service Manager about the M-14204-FSTA, about being a Ford Factory tune and maintaining the warranty. I feel like he didn't hear a damn word I said as he responded with {INSERT BLANK STARE WITH TILTED HEAD}...
  2. Track Day at Sebring

    Focus ST Road Racing
    - Link to youtube video I drove up to Sebring this past Friday, grabbed a garage, checked in at Seven Sebring Hotel, committed the egregious sin of using one of those DIY car wash bays to clean my baby, grabbed gas station sandwiches and snacks, back to hotel, topped off the GoPros .... all in...
  3. Does a 2017 Focus ST take 5w20 or 5w30? Supplement shows both

    Focus ST Maintenance
    I had contacted a Ford Dealer and they told me 5w20. (The 2018 supplement says only 5w30) [edit: I couldn't stand it and checked under the hood now lol. My oil filler cap says 5w30] from this 2017 supplement online (PDF, same as the one in my glovebox)...
  4. Picked up an Triple Yellow ST yesterday

    Ford Fiesta SES driver for the last eight years (bought it new) This 2017 I bought sorta-used, only 3,366 miles on her. Brand spanking new. I took her down to Homestead-Miami Speedway today. There is a Nascar-Andretti experience going on this weekend for which I did not sign up. The guard...
1-4 of 4 Results