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  1. ST3 Active headlights not being.. active?

    Focus ST Electronics
    Wait.... north american st3s have active headlights?? Ill have to look into why mine arent working. Unless only certain ones have them?
  2. Borla exhaust

    Focus ST Discussions
    @Mzdrati that exhaust is smashed to hell from an accident. I looked at it a while back.
  3. What did you do to your ST today?

    Focus ST Discussions
    But, why?
  4. Relocating ecu

    Focus ST Discussions
    I see your concern, but your solution would likely move it to the engine bay where theres more heat than that particular ecm was engineered to take. I agree with deuce, extending the harness will create more issues than its worth.
  5. Park brake cable differences?

    Focus ST Brakes
    Just chiming in with the update that the Front cable part number BV6Z-2853-B and rear cable pair part number AV6Z-2A603-B worked for my 2014 st3.
  6. Why should I buy a Focus ST?

    Focus ST Purchasing
    I bought mine as a fun daily driver. I travel 60 miles per day. The ST is fast, handles impressively, and still gets decent fuel mileage for having 250hp. Its something you can mod and have fun with and is a decent platform to learn on. As far as reliability, these cars only have a couple minor...
  7. The Dirty Duecette

    Focus ST Builds
    I think your BSD and solid mounts will have something to say about the friction fit pods.
  8. The ST Exhaust Thread

    Focus ST Performance
    So 5-7 dB. Can you confirm that the exhaust is louder than the road and wind noise? You did say you have a Cobb exhaust. Is that with a stock downpipe?
  9. TPMS question...

    Focus ST Wheels and Tires
    My snows don't have sensors. This is totally normal behavior.
  10. Replacing D3S Bulbs

    Focus ST Accessories
    How badly is the beam pattern modified with the use of those LEDs?

    Focus ST Maintenance
    Even though he has a 2014, @Duece McCracken has put aftermarket housings in place of his st3 lights before. Maybe he can chime in?
  12. Installing HID Bulbs

    Focus ST Appearance
    The d3s bulb uses only one notch for alignment. The other three square blocks on the back side of the projector are shorter and the bulb actually butts up to them.
  13. The ST Exhaust Thread

    Focus ST Performance
    It would have to be the same phone as well. Despite my phone being only 2 weeks old, my microphone might not be as sensitive as yours, which would give you the higher reading. Im more concerned with the actual increase in volume from 55 to 80mph. Which in my case was 3 decibels, and i can...
  14. Low beam upgrade in reflector housing

    Focus ST Discussions
    According to Ryan's guide on hid planet you can modify a 65w h9 bulb and drop it in to gain 700 lumens of output while keeping the same correct beam pattern.
  15. Figuring out LTFT

    Focus ST Discussions
    Its for total trim, which is short term PLUS long term trim. But as i said before, if it's past that threshold and not flagging codes, there must be something adjusted in the tune to accomodate that.
  16. Boost issue

    Focus ST Maintenance
    With the MAP sensor swinging in the atmosphere, you have no boost reference. You're building boost but your PCM Is not adjusting fuel and timing control for it because it does not see it. It also doesnt actuate the BPV since it sees no boost that it would need to relieve. Glad you didnt drive...
  17. What did you do to your ST today?

    Focus ST Discussions
    D3s swap and hotrod bulbs at the same time.
  18. Dealership can’t resolve my issue. 2018.

    Focus ST Discussions
    Before you consider lemon law, be patient. In the big picture, this is a low mileage car that isnt produced anymore. If it goes to lemon law it goes to the crusher. The issue is probably something simple, so please be patient. As i said in my original post, NO technician in their right mind will...
  19. 2016 focus st won’t start

    Focus ST Photo/Videos
    To add to what deuce said, some models have the emergency key spot in the floor of the center console. Im unsure if thats a year difference or a trim difference.
  20. FS: 2014 ST Stock Wheels

    Parts for Sale
    ... still waiting on my shipping quote.
1-20 of 245 Results