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  1. Top speed?

    Focus ST Discussions
    When my dad had his heart attack i threw him in the ST and had him to york hospital in 9 mins from somewhere that an ambulance or a average driver would take anywhere from 17 mins to 25 mins depending on.traffic and speed. I hit 132 that day. Hazard lights on the whole way.
  2. Best grip tires

    Focus ST Wheels and Tires
    I see they arent talked about much and given my speed6 is awd, but the continental extremeconti i think dws6 or something are some decent all around performance tires they gripped amazing and i never noticed myself ever slipping or slidding, even in the rain i could sit at a stop sign with the...
  3. Charge pipe with factory style BPV flange?

    Focus ST Performance
    Never heard of it...but try googling borg warner stock bov flange
  4. Warranty

    Focus ST Discussions
    First off OP if you have a.3rd party warranty i would at all cost avoid taking it to the ford dealer because as @Duece McCracken said they have the tools and indepth computer progs if its requested they can send the ecu out and check the flash counter, and also i have read that each Ford comes...
  5. FRPP tune performance and NOT warranty discussion thread

    Focus ST Performance
    Actually the reason the torque is so high down low on it doesnt matter what tune or tuner you use especially on the ST is because the K03 is a quick spooling lil snail that runs out of breath at about 5k. Now some tuners are able to pull a few extra high hps into the 5500k range but alot of...
  6. Maxton design RS rear valance

    Focus ST Discussions
    Yea ive pulled tbe fromt.cover plenty, only takes me maybe 15 to 20 mins. I just have never been under the back much other then to hang my Thermal Research exhaust. Doesnt sound to bad, i guess my biggest thing is the trimming then, the parts you have to trim i cant see well from the pictures...
  7. Hood Latch Release Handle - Available Now - Boomba Racing

    Boomba Racing
    Dark blue is so much better, i mean the blue colors on the later facelift model STs are mostly all darker blues as far as i know. I wish ya had all of them in the dark blues.
  8. Everyday is Black Friday Sale !!!

    Vendor Deals
    Downpipe is same as its been all summer same with intercooler piping.
  9. F/S: 2013-18 Cobb Front Mount Intercooler and Piping

    Parts for Sale
    200 for the pipes?
  10. F/S: 2013-18 Cobb Front Mount Intercooler and Piping

    Parts for Sale
    Would u sell just the piping?
  11. F/S: 2013-18 Cobb 3” Stainless Steel High Flow Catted Downpipe

    Parts for Sale
    Im in many miles are on this?
  12. F/S: 2013-18 ST or RS Roush Cold Air Intake

    Parts for Sale
    Isnt the roush pipe like a molded plastic at least the one i just looked at was, and it has the roush name molded into it.
  13. APIM toast

    Focus ST Electronics
    And i know he said he tested his battery, but was that in the car, while running, was it a tester that applies load to the battery? These cars to funky **** with a warped battery, meaning dont operate properly. As im sure you well know.
  14. APIM toast

    Focus ST Electronics
    Im not saying used stuff is bad if thats the way i came.across, i meant sometimes when you buy used you get stuck with peoples junk. Not that all used stuff is crap. Now on going, has he got a bcm to program?
  15. APIM toast

    Focus ST Electronics
    With a brand new one or some used crap?
  16. Understanding my AP3 readings HELP

    Focus ST Performance
    Yes you were eyeing total ignition timing, which can be helpful if you know what your looking for.
  17. Cylinder scratches, serious ?

    Focus ST Discussions
    Should there really be a break in? Nothing changed except the headgasket, so wouldnt it be ok to perform one now, seeing as piston, rings, cylinder walls they are as they were. Am i correct, but id like to know compression also..?
  18. Maxton design RS rear valance

    Focus ST Discussions
    How much of a pain is it to remove the rear bumper and all, cause id almost have to have a body shop do it since i dont have the tools to paint it. It looks like on the website alot of people install it as is, with the matte black, or does it not look nice enuff?
  19. APIM toast

    Focus ST Electronics
    I have a 2018 ST2, my Sync3 APIM had just taken a ****, had to have it replaced, was doing some of the samethings. Replacing it fixed it flat out, thats what ya need.
  20. So you want your ST to shift better? ST SHIFTER THREAD!!!

    Focus ST Performance
    So your saying the JBR shift arm is the best one on the market? Coz there are quite a few, and Im not talking plates, dont like them, im talking arms. Also JBRs cable end bushings those do use the factory pivot ball dont they, i couldnt tell from the pictures online. I already have boombas...
1-20 of 472 Results