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  1. Top speed?

    Focus ST Discussions
    When the ST came out, the various magazines all listed it as drag limited of either est 150mph or 154mph. Its hard to find the exact versions anymore online, if anyone has a magazine verison, please double check what it says...
  2. writing a coursework

    See this recent thread about the new electric Mustang, for some discussion on electrics in general:
  3. Maxton design RS rear valance

    Focus ST Discussions
    If you are planning on paying a shop to paint your lower valance, might as well have them fit it at the same time if trimming/installing worries you. It'll probably be a breeze for a paint/body shop to fit
  4. Mods/Upgrades under $60?

    Focus ST Discussions
    their description goes into more detail but it makes the clutch pedal feel a bit more linear; able to feel what the clutch is doing and when it engages easier
  5. Winter tires?

    Focus ST Guides
    the tires would work but not the wheels. Source some cheap 17" and swap the tires over...if you can get them to separate. New 17's can be had for under $100 a wheel
  6. Key Fob battery life.

    Focus ST Discussions
    Amazon has these batteries pretty cheap when you buy a few at a time. I just bought like an 8 pack or something when i got the car. No big deal swapping the battery. I'm sure your mazda 6 doesnt have the keyless/proximity entry, i am guessing that uses a bit more battery?
  7. Come On - Who is putting down their $500 Deposit for a Mustang Mach-E??

    You'll just need to learn how to mod and hack the electrics. People are already doing some cool electric motor swaps. Just like we lose mpg by gaining performance, i am sure people will find ways to boost performance at the expense of range. Everything else still applies; modding the suspension...
  8. Mods/Upgrades under $60?

    Focus ST Discussions
    green stuff air filter, solid shifter bushings, clutch pedal spring are all under that budget. Then for non-performance sutff, lots of engine bay dress up parts are there too
  9. Preface Rear Valences

    Focus ST Discussions
    if you arent in a rush: shows estimated cost with shipping and tax of $224.18 for me
  10. solartint too dark

    Focus ST Appearance
    Yours is actually tinted glass... Most of the time oem tint is the glass itself and not a film. The picture from dnschmtz clearly shows the film where it was trimmed with the clear glass above it. vs a factory window tinted glass where you can see its solid all the way to the edge: We...
  11. fully custom exhaust

    Focus ST Discussions
    I know lost of oem's use them but they would have put lots of R&D into tuning against NVH for them. We would need to do more experimenting with where to put them and what size/weight works best (not to mention we use lots of different brand exhausts here.) Looks like Tasca sells(your part number...
  12. Advice Needed: Wider or Lighter?

    Focus ST Wheels and Tires
    If you dont plan on going to a larger break setup, 17x8 and under 16lbs. Tires should cost less than 18s as well, not a bad thing if you will be burning through them in autocross...
  13. windshield washer reservoir

    Focus ST Discussions
    Mine only had the tab break off, so i just dremeled it smooth and then painted it to match the rest of the black plastic. Still works and i dont have any problem popping it open. Knock on wood the whole cap doesnt break in half because i like the way it turned out
  14. How were FoST trim levels marketed in Canada?

    Focus ST Discussions
    Try the tpms relearn process... if the car doesnt respond to it, then you dont have tpms but if it lets you reset each tire then you know you do. If you use the letting air out of the tires method, make sure you are near an air source (the alternative is buying a ford reset tool.)...
  15. Curbed rims

    Focus ST Wheels and Tires
    whats your budget and what style of driving do you do? Do you get snow where you are? Dedicated summer setup is the best but some need an all season. Are there certain looks you like? plenty of choices and options.
  16. Best grip tires

    Focus ST Wheels and Tires
    If toe is out of line, especially in the rears, you can eat tires up fast. If camber is out of spec with it, it'll wear even faster. Regular rotations will help as well. I'm assuming it was only on the inside edge that saw wear bars and not a flat/even wear across the tire.
  17. Only one wheel spins.

    Focus ST Discussions
    The old one wheel peel or one tire fire! Pretty common in most entry level cars and even some sportier ones. Open difs are so common, there are even meme's about it. Doesn't mean the car cant be quick (there are guys with 700whp 335's that still have an open dif.) As everyone mentioned, there...
  18. Used stock Focus st turbo price?

    Misc For Sale
    two listed on rockauto for $360 and $400, respectively. Can get 5% off if you lookup one of their codes, plus shipping/tax:,2014,focus,2.0l+l4+turbocharged,3305734,engine,turbocharger,5764
  19. 2018 ST winter tires and threads

    Focus ST Discussions
    Not exactly, as far as saying they are all the same. 2013 and early '14 ST's have smaller front rotors and can accommodate 16" wheels (which would be best for winter, cheaper usually and more sidewall.) Early on in the '14 year they increased the rotor size and changed the pad (tire racks says...
  20. How were FoST trim levels marketed in Canada?

    Focus ST Discussions
    When i swap wheels between summer and winter i usually get the error message after like 30miles of driving. Both my wheels have tpms sensors in them but i still have to retrain them to the car. I have an exception this year. I swapped to my winter wheels last week and have driven about 100miles...
1-20 of 491 Results