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  1. Big turbo or forged internals?

    Focus ST Builds
    Hi everyone, just had a quick question. I have a 16 ST full bolt ons and a tune. I absolutely love how it drives but I'm wanting a bit more power. I was wondering what would be the best route to do it in. Build the motor first THEN go big turbo?? Or vise versa? This is my daily driver and I...
  2. Bought a really bad focus

    Focus ST Discussions
    I'm jumping into this conversation a bit late but kudos on the Tangerine Scream! I have a 16 Tangerine Scream, full bolt ons and tune. I have both the MBRP catted downpipe and cat back exhaust. I loveeeeee the sound of it! Fir the price they are quoting you, that's a relatively cheap price!
1-2 of 2 Results