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  1. Roush parts and accessories

    Focus ST Accessories
    With the ST becoming so popular, maybe will see Roush parts or a Roush ST available next year?
  2. E-Focus RMM came in today.....

    Focus ST Performance
    I'm not sure if this has been posted yet, but a quick demo of the stock mount and the E-Focus motor mount. !
  3. [POLL] - October 2012 ST of the Month

    ST of the Month
    Nice photos everyone!
  4. ST Sound Track -- Focus ST vs. Killa Kela

    Focus ST Photo/Videos
    Beatboxer Killa Kela performs exclusively with 2013 Ford Focus ST -- fusing his "multivocalism" skills with EcoBoost engine's Active Sound Symposer, creating a soundtrack of power and performance. !
  5. Buschur Racing 2013 Ford Focus ST - Drag / Dyno

    Focus ST Drag Racing
    ! Buschur Racing has ventured into a new platform. The 2013 Ford Focus ST. This is footage from the first few days of owning the car. It seems to have alot of potential and we're very excited to get started on it.
  6. Focus ST vs Golf GTI

    Focus ST vs The Competition
    Here's a good writeup from a current VW GTI owner - Driven: Ford Focus ST
  7. Signature test 123

    The new logo is sweet Dan, nice work! Where is the Race Red version???
  8. The Official Performance Blue(PB) Thread

    Focus ST Photo/Videos
  9. Radar Detectors for the ST

    Focus ST Electronics
    Those are not cheap but it looks like a good one!! Escort Passport 9500ix Radar/Laser Detector (Blue Display): Car Electronics
  10. How did you hear about

    I found your site through Google while searching for Focus ST forums. Keep up the great work Dan.
  11. Hi!

    So how's it going with your ST shopping?
  12. 2013 White ST w/HID

    Focus ST Photo/Videos
    Me likey!
  13. How reliable are Fords these days?

    Focus ST Discussions
    I think all cars in general are better quality these days.
  14. 2013 Focus ST Manual

    Focus ST Discussions
    I ran across the 2013 Focus ST Manual on another forum and couldn't find the information here. This might help pass this time while your waiting for the cars to come out. I couldn't get it to work so STDan hosted the files for me. Here are the links: 2013 Ford Focus Manual 2013 Ford Focus ST...
  15. Focus ST comes alive in Augmented Reality Ad

    Focus ST News
    Very cool! I've never even heard of that movie before.
  16. Recaro Baby Seat is here!

    Focus ST Discussions
    Nice!! That's going to look good in there.
  17. Football is almost here!

    Any Charger fans here?
  18. Top Gear Fans?

    Focus ST Discussions
    Yeah the American TV show is definitely getting better. Jeremy Clarkson is really the guy that makes the old show! I know it's not the new ST but this video is so funny.
  19. 2013 Ford Focus ST Colors

    Focus ST Discussions
    I guess I'll be the first to vote for RACE RED!!
  20. The-What is everyone paying-Thread

    Focus ST Purchasing
    What is everyone else paying for the ST? I don't expect or want the absolute lowest price but I don't want to pay full retail or over MRSP if others are getting a $1000-$2000 discount. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
1-20 of 21 Results