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  1. Stock intake TOP LID OFF Temperature test (put it back on)

    Focus ST Performance
    No worries! Generally speaking, a difference of a few degrees due to the lid being off is mute considering it will be cooled significantly by the intercooler anyway. You won't see a large enough difference to cause noticeable performance loss or anything like that
  2. Stock intake TOP LID OFF Temperature test (put it back on)

    Focus ST Performance
    Sounds totally normal to me
  3. ST vs Veloster N

    Focus ST vs The Competition
    11 days later I'll play the Devil's advocate and say that if you're driving a manual in 2019 you're willingly accepting your disadvantage against modern auto's and therefore I consider it to still be a loss. I know not everyone feels that way, but times have changed...and us manual lovers and...
  4. Just for kicks...stock intercooler efficiency mod?

    Focus ST Performance
    I'm with @Duece McCracken with recommending a 3.5" core for your goals. Removing the AGS will definitely show improvement, but don't expect anything drastic in the slightest. The stock unit WILL still heatsoak 100%. If not anything else, it will cool off a little quicker ripping out the AGS. A...
  5. Exhaust question

    Focus ST Performance
    I know 2 people who have side exit STs. One of them is now running a built 2.3L stroker so it's even more gnarly. 1- It will be incredibly loud. Like, not like "I have a loud exhaust system"'s ****in loud dude. I could NEVER deal with that long-term. 2- His exits in front of the...
  6. Pennsylvania ST's

    North Eastern Owners
    Just now saw this as I was at the beach...were you able to get it to work? It probably was just Facebook being Facebook...which it's done a lot recently.
  7. Longest thread ever/pure bs thread and randomness

    Ginger beer - Hate it. Unless it's mixed with alcohols that mask the flavor of it. Ginger ale - ****in delicious. Love the stuff, and's great mixed with assorted alcohols. That about sums it up :cool:
  8. Pennsylvania ST's

    North Eastern Owners
    Unless that's what you're talking about (I don't see your name in the requests list) make sure you jump into the PA ST/RS Facebook page as well! Massive amount of people in the LV area. They have biweekly wing meets and stuff over there. LV and Philly are definitely our most active areas
  9. Anti-Theft methods - What is easy but effective?

    Focus ST Discussions
    This is the one that came to mind immediately from the forum. Just had to find it Cheap insurance that's better than leaving your keys inside your fridge or microwave (the microwave btw will withstand even an...
  10. Anti-Theft methods - What is easy but effective?

    Focus ST Discussions
    Just a quick google find, which is unfortunately also 2 years old...but it's proof of concept at least: Notice how the guy drives up and tests it...THEN parks and gets out real fast. Sucks how fast it happens It's linked to this reddit post which has the attack described in the comments:
  11. Battery died - Recommendations on Brand of Replacement?

    Focus ST Maintenance
    Haha shortly after I originally made that post I tried to find the closest Odyssey dealer and first came up with a bunch of strange second hand shops over 60 miles away...tried again on their actual website and found more expected suggestions for Autozone. Strange that they gave me thrift stores...
  12. How is this for first mods?

    Focus ST Discussions
    Autocross for sure. Suddenly vaulting yourself into DSP or something will require much, much better driving to be competitive.
  13. How is this for first mods?

    Focus ST Discussions
    Extremely surprised nobody has replied to this one yet, but turbo timer is 100% not needed at all. Any turbo car past like 2010 doesn't need one for that matter. These turbos are cooled by coolant long after you turn off the car. General recommendation is this - If you aren't Ken Block'in up...
  14. Pennsylvania ST's

    North Eastern Owners
    Yeah it just kinda blew up. We made 500 business cards for people to recruit with, handed out stacks at meets, and apparently everyone just went to work. Went from 300 people last year to 500 then to 800 in giant leaps. It's pretty sweet with how active it is! We've also been getting better with...
  15. Pennsylvania ST's

    North Eastern Owners
    You on the PA ST/RS Facebook page as well? I'm one of the admins on there as well and it can be an excellent way of getting meets planned out and coordinated as well as meet some locals. We were at like 815 people last I saw
  16. Stratified OTS tune question.

    Focus ST Discussions
    The tune will be "usable" by anyone with the same year ST as the seller...but it would be dumb to run that tune since it was built for that specific car and mod setup. Unless you have identical mods (brand included) I'd just spend the money on a new tune anyway. If you have a different year than...
  17. Vs Chevy 2.0T

    Focus ST vs The Competition
    Those are some heeeeavvvy cars. Weight and torque advantages would murder them between 30-90mph if you're modded unless they are also pretty substantially modded
  18. Top 10 Ugliest Cars: 2019 – The Short List

    Focus ST News
    I'm more interested in why they call #9 - the Civic Type R - "STUPID FAST" I's impressive and it would blow a stock turbo ST's doors off in almost every situation...but we drive cars that are not fast. I'd call it quick at best, as well as the Focus RS.
  19. Waste gate

    Focus ST Discussions
    Most of us are Philly/Lehigh Valley/Lancaster/Harrisburg but there are a lot of lurkers from Pittsburgh and in between on the PA ST/RS Facebook group. We are 810+ strong now. If you're on FB check us out and if you don't have a pic of your car on your FB visible just PM me your name and I'll...
  20. ATTN: Option Lab wheel owners. Pics needed!

    Focus ST Wheels and Tires
    Thanks man! In love with the fitment...just need to lower the car slightly to have it sitting perfect. No funds for that though and there is so much going on financially for me lately that I don't see it happening anytime soon. I was tempted to grab a set of $400 raceland coils now that I've...
1-20 of 187 Results