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  1. Green air filter intake sound question

    Focus ST Discussions
    Could cold air intake kit change the "note" of the induction sucking sound or is that more dependent on the filter itself?
  2. Green air filter intake sound question

    Focus ST Discussions
    Hey all, So I have a green air filter in my 18' ST1, love the flutter and conservative(ish) bypass valve sounds on liftoff and change. For a while, I tried running with the airbox off, love all of those liftoff noises with the box off but the constant sucking intake noise from inside the cabin...
  3. Velossitech Snorkel - Reduced MPG?

    Focus ST Discussions
    It's been about 3 weeks since I've installed my hella horns and velossitech snorkel in the front of my 2018 focus st. When I first put everything back together I noticed about a 3 mpg drop on the calculated average. After about 3 weeks, it's stabilized at about 1.5 mpg less than what it used...
  4. Hella Horn install questions - Wiring noob

    Focus ST Discussions
    Recently purchased the velossatech snorkel and hella horns and I'd like to arrange them in the same way as pictured below: The snorkel install seems pretty straight forward but the horn install makes me nervous... I'm a wiring noob and if possible I'd like to just use the wiring from the stock...
  5. Looking to install Hella Horns and the Velossa Tech Snorkel. Grill shave?

    Focus ST Accessories
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1-5 of 5 Results