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  1. Gearbox oil

    Focus ST Suspension
    The factory recommendation is something like 100,000 or 150,000 miles; I do mine every 25,000 miles with Motul DCT fluid.
  2. Can I run 92 on a 93 tune?

    Focus ST Performance
    I would pay for a custom tune for the fuel you have available.
  3. Off Subject

    Community Help
    Ford (Mercury) used to market the Capri here many years ago. From 1970 - 1978 it was pretty much the same as the ones sold outside of the U.S., and from 1979 - 1986 it was a re-badged fox body mustang.
  4. Willie in Indy

    Welcome Willie!
  5. Cover removal

    Focus ST Discussions
    Mine just popped right off once all clips and fasteners were removed. Here is an intercooler install video; the first 5 minutes are just removing the bumper cover.
  6. Expected service life of springs

    Focus ST Maintenance
    I have had gas shocks blow out and never lost ride height, but, I always run fairly stiff springs.
  7. Expected service life of springs

    Focus ST Maintenance
    Shocks/Struts will not effect your ride height, that would be springs. Springs would not have much effect on deteriorating ride quality, that would probably be the dampers. Bilsteins are pretty much bullet proof, but, well warrantied if the need rebuilding.
  8. Radium PCV plate

    Focus ST Discussions
    Better baffling, less oil mist into the PCV line to get into the intake tract.
  9. Anybody else grow hot peppers?

    There is a nursery near me that is also a greenhouse, they start all of their own seedlings. They had over 40 varieties of peppers this year and told me if I get with them in early march they will take requests.
  10. Anybody else grow hot peppers?

    I like peppers.
  11. Anybody else grow hot peppers?

    This year I have a nice variety growing. Better Bells, Mexi Bells, California Wonders, Orange Blaze, Anaheim Chili, Super Chili, Giant Chili, Hungarian Wax, Sweet Stir Fry, Jalapeno, Gong Bao and Habanero. I think that's all of them. Edit: Cayenne too.
  12. Buying a used Accessport tomorrow, what shoud I look for

    Focus ST Discussions
    From looking at Cobb's web site, it is going to cost you more to re-license the $50.00 unit than to buy a used unit that is unmarried. They list several different scenarios for pricing depending on vehicle and what needs to be done by Cobb. Prices listed start at $350.00 just for re-licensing...
  13. Eibach sportline and shock/strut setup question

    Focus ST Suspension
    How is your ride compared to factory, is it just a bit more harsh and stiffer ride? @BIZZARO_ST Sorry about the delayed reply, I have not been able to access this thread for some reason. I would not say the ride is harsh, but definitely a bit stiffer. Much better control and feel than the...
  14. Eibach sportline and shock/strut setup question

    Focus ST Suspension
    I have Bilstein B8's with Pro Kit springs; they work well together.
  15. How much smoke is normal?

    Focus ST Performance
    Normal for direct injection.
  16. Paint chip repair

    Focus ST Detailing
    These guys have spot on touch up paint and sell the tri coat colors. You will need Electric Gold Pearl; when you select it the site should tell you that this is a tri coat and they will sell you the base coat and color coat, I would order some clear also and get the bush on bottles for chip...
  17. Slower and hesitation after purge valve recall PCM flash!!

    Focus ST Discussions
    Situations like this is a reason why I never take my car into Ford for service of any kind. Not that it helps you at all, but I ordered the purge valve and changed it myself after other members had Ford do theirs and reported that there was a programming change as part of the recall. Not to be...
  18. Am I the only one who likes the symposer sounds?

    Focus ST Performance
    The sound symposer is great! I have one in my garage if you would like it... My only real problem with it, other than the intake being used to simulate exhaust tone, is the name Ford gave it. Active Sound Symposer (A.S.S.). You should do what you want with your ST; don't let anyone tell you...
  19. Lug nuts

    Focus ST Wheels and Tires
    The factory lug nuts are two piece consisting of a regular steel lug nut with a chrome cover made of thin stamped sheet metal. If not extremely careful seating your socket they will distort.
  20. Oil question

    Focus ST Discussions
    First off the engine takes 5.7 quarts. I personally only use 5w30 as that is what Ford specifies. If, say, your engine was to let go, Ford could deny a warranty claim for using the wrong oil; they get pretty picky. Otherwise I'm sure the oil will lubricate the engine.
1-20 of 185 Results