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  1. Show off your autocrossing ST!

    Focus ST Autocross
    Had some fun in the rain yesterday. Still waiting for the results to get posted up, but I was really surprised how well the car did with the rain. The rear got squirrelly when turning hard and getting a rear wheel up which intensified the fun. [emoji23]
  2. 415+WHP Stock 2.0 Turbo Suggestions

    Focus ST Turbo Upgrades
    26psi. Get 20+psi by 2.8k. 26 isn't much later.
  3. 415+WHP Stock 2.0 Turbo Suggestions

    Focus ST Turbo Upgrades
    Mountune is releasing hpfp upgrades for both the 2.3 and 2.0 2.3 already is on their site. 2.0 coming soon.
  4. 415+WHP Stock 2.0 Turbo Suggestions

    Focus ST Turbo Upgrades
    EFR 6758 does the job. Fast spool, and holds power to redline plus. I run port aux fuel, and E40. 440+whp.
  5. SloweST EFR Build

    Focus ST Builds
    Random thought on your vdyno from last month. You need to update the weight of you're dropping the weight down for now accurate readings. Ever with the car with the reductions?
  6. 2867r slow spool, low peak boost

    Focus ST Turbo Upgrades
    That's really good for a GTX. You will not get anything that spools like stock that makes good power.
  7. Show off your autocrossing ST!

    Focus ST Autocross
  8. How reliable has your tuned engine been? (Opposite of blown motor thread)

    Focus ST Performance
    Car: 2013 ST1 Mileage When Acquired: 60 Mileage When First Tuned: 900 Present Mileage: 30k, almost all city driving. Tuner/Tune: Stratified BT Tune Engine Mod Summary: EFR 6758, Aux Fuel, 26-27psi, making around 450whp, exhaust, intake, depo fmic, stock motor and clutch. Issues: Getting O2...
  9. Highest HP Focus ST's

    Focus ST Performance
  10. Kewing 2.3 Build - Project QuickSilver

    Focus ST Builds
    Should be ezpz. I did 12.5 at 119.5 with street tires. With actual drag tires, you should be deep in the 11's. Good luck!
  11. Show off your autocrossing ST!

    Focus ST Autocross
  12. The BIG Big Turbo Thread!

    Focus ST Turbo Upgrades
    I got over 29mpg with e40 when doing a little family trip the other day. Usually around 16 with all city driving all city though lol
  13. Stratified Flash Tunes

    Stratified Automotive Controls
    Don't mind the corrections when you're not wot. They're pretty meaningless at part throttle and cruising. You'll always see random corrections when driving normally. If you see them at wot, then worry.
  14. Stratified Tuning - My Experience

    Focus ST Discussions
    Have you tried other methods to contact Stratified besides the phone? You can talk to Tanner on the Reddit discord chat, any of them (usually Alex) in the Stratified owner's group on Facebook, or Facebook messaging directly to Alex.
  15. Need help with EFR boost issues

    Focus ST Turbo Upgrades
    The oil drain issues are a feature lol Glad to see you're on your way to getting this worked out! I personally found a huge leak that was misdiagnosed a while back. One of the studs from the manifold to turbo was loose by a few turns. Tightened it, and the found the other corner was missing the...