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  1. Any Houston ST owners out there?

    Southwest Owners
    I live in Houston, TX, too. Down by NASA. I am in desperate need of a good, reliable, and HONEST Focus ST mechanic/shop to continue performing maintenance on my racing red 2014 Focus ST (ST3). The last time I took my ST to the local Ford dealer, the car had gone out of warranty (years not...
  2. Aside from your ST, what is your other "money sink" vehicle?

    Focus ST Discussions
    A 1995 red Ford Taurus SHO with the 3.0L, 220HP engine, the 5-spd MTX and just over 80,000 miles on the odometer. I have breathed on the engine somewhat and have installed 17" wheels, Michelin Pilot all weather tires, oversized down pipes w/cats that feed into a 2.5 inch Borla exhaust, the...
  3. Left handed people ?

    Focus ST Discussions
    Yes, we do. :D '49 Chevy coupe (3-spd on the steering column) MG TD Ford Torino GT Datsun 1200 Roadster Mazda RX-7 Ford Taurus SHO (lease) Ford Taurus SHO (lease) Ford Taurus SHO (purchase) Ford Focus ST Too many motorcycles to count. Last of those was an emerald green BMW 1000 RT. Tried...
  4. Terrible Mileage on my 2016 ST3

    Focus ST Discussions
    What everyone else has said, plus the FocusST is notorious for sucking gas while idling at traffic lights or extended waits at Stop signs. I live in Houston, TX, and my MPG, according to the cluster, will drop from 24-26 MPG at freeway speeds down into the 18 MPG range as soon as I hit traffic...
  5. 2017-2018 ST1 vs. ST3?

    Focus ST Discussions
    Only if there are no traffic lights. As soon as you hit "city" traffic lights your mileage will drop to 18+ depending on the number of lights. At least that's what the instrument cluster in my 2014 ST3 (racing red, of course) tell me. I guess that's why the newer cars have that "stop-and-go"...
  6. Staying in the Gang?

    Focus ST Discussions
    I have had bad luck with finding a good Ford dealership near me, so I will probably trade in my 2014 ST3 for a properly optioned, KIA Stinger GT1. I hate giving up the 6-spd MTX for a paddle-shifting, 8-spd ATX, but there's more room and better options (i.e. driver assistance aids) in the...
  7. New Exhaust (ST Noob)

    Focus ST Accessories
    MBRP systems drone, and they drone badly too, on my 2014 ST. It has gotten so bad for my old ears (I am 79, as of yesterday) that I am having a custom muffer shop replace all (just the one) piss-ant small, MBRP can(s) with larger, FlowMaster flow through, muffler and resonator cans.
  8. sudden temporary loss of power steering, engine fault, other dash lights and warnings

    Focus ST Discussions
    Check the other ends of your battery cables; the ones that are not easy to get to. Also, check any and all electrical connections around your oil filter. It could be the mechanic? who changed your oil and filter knocked something loose because it seems like your entire electrical system is...
  9. Blown engine. Looking for suggestions/options

    Focus ST Discussions
    I have been lucky with my breathed-on but not tuned, late-2014 ST because my other car is a breathed-on but not tuned 1995 Taurus SHO 3.0L MTX and I drive both cars the same way. I think the way the two cars perform is similar except for the low RPM limit on the ST. Seems like I keep running...
  10. Tough market to sale Focus ST?

    Focus ST Purchasing
    I would take Rambleon84's advice. I would not sign a title over to anyone without the cash or cashier's check in my hand first. The nicest looking people are often the worst crooks because they are believable. My credit union had no problem issuing me a loan for a car and a cashier's check to...
  11. MBRP Exhaust - Drone or No?

    Focus ST Accessories
    I beg to differ, gentlemen. My 3" MBRP exhaust system came with only ONE muffler/resonator and that relatively long one is located directly below the driver and passenger seats. There was NO secondary muffler/resonator component included in the box for my system. And I did have a professional...
  12. MBRP Exhaust - Drone or No?

    Focus ST Accessories
    The MBRP 3" cat back exhaust system that I purchased from ModBargains in California not only drones but it also echos or resonates or reverberates inside the cabin area to the point that it hurts my ears. From what I have read since I purchased my system, there are apparently three different...
  13. 1st gear stumbling

    Focus ST Maintenance
    You're doing fine, Zach, but there's something wrong with your electrical system because your headlights keep failing. Faulty electrical harnesses can affect the computers controlling your engine's sensors and programs; hence, the unwanted stumbles and stalling. That's what I think, anyway.
  14. Pieces of broken spark plug went in

    Focus ST Maintenance
    If dropping the engine is covered under warranty, who cares? If not, then look in the workshop manual. If the engine removal is being done as part of the service because the manual says you have to drop the motor to remove the head, you're stuck; if not, use a different mechanic or dealer...
  15. All in One Oil Thread

    Focus ST Maintenance
    I have always used 5W-30 Mobil 1 Synthetic oil and Mobil 1 oil filters in my red 1995 Taurus SHO per suggestions and white papers in the official Taurus SHO forum. Since I have never had problems with the oil or the filter, I plan on continuing the practice with my Focus ST. FYI, I still have...