New Product Release!! JBR FST/FRS Counter Weighted Solid Shifter Cable Bushings!!
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    New Product Release!! JBR FST/FRS Counter Weighted Solid Shifter Cable Bushings!!

    New Product Release!!

    JBR 2013 & up Ford Focus ST/RS Counter Weighted Solid Shifter Cable Bushings!!

    Yes, you read that right! Counter Weighted for your shifting pleasure!!

    The JBR Counter Weighted Solid Shifter Cable Bushing kit is the simplest modification that you can do to dramatically improve the shifter assembly in your Focus ST or RS.
    Replacing the factory spongy rubber bushings with JBR solid bushings will give you that connected feel and precise shifting confidence missing from the OEM setup.

    The JBR Shifter Cable Bushings are a direct replacement that thread together for a secure installation with very basic hand tools.
    Once installed, all excess play is removed allowing for firm and precise shifts! JBR Shifter Cable Bushings are CNC machined made from 6061 aluminum and then laser etched with the JBR Gear Logo.

    The JBR Counter Weighted Shifter Cable bushings do more than just remove the unwanted play found in the transmission end of the shifter cables. By adding a counter weight to the primary cable, the precise shifts resulting from the solid bushings become even smoother. This is great for those that have a JBR short shift arm and want to add a touch more counter weight.
    Those that have lightweight short shift arms or in-car short shifters that want to keep the OEM shift knob will also benefit from the additional weight. This is a no brainer when compared to the other more expensive options on the market.

    • 2013 and up Ford Focus ST
    • 2016 and up Ford Focus RS

    • Designed and Manufactured in the USA
    • Threaded, secure assembly
    • Tough black anodized finish and laser etched
    • Includes two bushings, enough to do both cables

    • 2 Solid cable bushings
    • 1 1/4 lb. counter weight
    • Stainless hardware
    • Installation instructions are available in our support section
    • Shipping is free in the US & our Hassle Free Lifetime Warranty is included

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    Nice looking product !

    Just a quick question tho, i remember reading you mentioning a few years back that the cable end bushing should never been changed, that the play that’s in there from factory was here for a reason ( unless I misread the comment )

    What did make change your view on that ?

    I’m really tempted to remove my Cobb plate and swap it for you shift arm and trans bushings and then maybe those cable end bushings as well




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