Alignment Specs and what they mean.
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Thread: Alignment Specs and what they mean.

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    Alignment Specs and what they mean.

    I was looking for the stock alignment specs listed by Ford and thought this would be a good opportunity to open the discussion on what aftermarket options there are for additional alignment tools via aftermarket parts and when they might be of use.

    For me, I'm just interested in keeping my stock suspension/tires optimized for daily driver use but it would be nice to have a sticky related to setting up alignments for the track.

    I'll upload my alignment specs. See below.Name:  alignment.jpg
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    There really isn't such a thing as " optimized for daily driver use." That's a misnomer.

    EVERY car can do with more camber. At least -2 upwards of -2.5 on the street. At least up front. The rear can be less. Camber doesn't eat tires till you probably go over -3.0, and even then a tire rotation schedule that matches oil changes will take care of that. Track cars, routinely go over -3.0!

    You want a bit of toe out, to help with turn in. This can make wear increase, the more you go. The safe route is no more than 1/16th" of toe out, upwards of an 1/8" for the track Again, routine tire rotations.

    Caster is a great thing too. But the ways to gain that, are not easy, and limited in options, and can get pricey. The more the better.
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