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Thread: The Official Triple Yellow (TY) Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by btalont View Post
    Girlfriend nick named it Tweety
    Hahaha, Tweety!!!! That's so funny!

    This is probably my favourite colour, loved it from the first time I saw it! Looks especially good with the optional wheels (or almost any black wheels).

    However, 1) You could probably call it "Triple Arrest Me Yellow" and 2) coming from a stock 2015 Oxford White Fiesta ST, that has been KEYED twice, I was also concerned that it screams "Key Me"!

    So I bought my new baby in Shadow Black.

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    It hit (almost) 50 a couple weeks ago so of course I went out and washed the car. Trying out the newish Ammo Frothe waterless wash with Boost winter wash during the cold months. Done it a couple times so far and no complaints. I haven't done a decent walkaround to see if there's any scratches from taking up the salt and grime but I'll report back on that once it warms up.

    So much nicer clean than dirty!

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    Just purchased this afternoon. Getting out of a Subaru and coming back to ford. (Used to own s197 mustang gt). Got a screaming deal on this at my dealership I work at. Excited for another new journey.

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