How To: Replacing Black Plastic Door Trim and Window Seal
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Thread: How To: Replacing Black Plastic Door Trim and Window Seal

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    How To: Replacing Black Plastic Door Trim and Window Seal

    So a few weeks ago someone walking down the sidewalk decided it would be a good idea to hit my car with something (I can't wait for the day I don't have to park on the street) and smashed the black plastic door trim piece on my passenger side front door and also damaged the rubber window seal as you can see below.
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    The seal was hardly damaged but I wanted to be on the safe side since it keeps water out of the door.

    So here are the part numbers, the parts are reasonably priced which was nice for a change. <-- link for trim pieces from Tasca <-- link for window sealing from Tasca

    CP9Z-5820554-A - Applique - Passenger side front door black trim
    CP9Z-5820555-A - Here's the driver side in case you need that
    F1EZ-5821596-A - Run Weather-Strip - Passenger side front door window rubber seal
    F1EZ-5821597-A - Here's the driver side

    I couldn't find a good "how to" for this and I've seen a lot of people say how scratched that trim piece gets but they don't want to replace it but hopefully this helps some people do it, the trim piece is only $32 and surprisingly easy to replace. No interior door panel or glass removal necessary!! I'm sure all 4 doors are similar to this.

    Tools Needed:
    Flat Head Screw Driver
    Screw Driver w/ T-25 Torx Bit
    Screw Driver w/ T-30 Torx Bit
    Your hands and some common sense

    1) Roll the window fully down and pull the rubber seal out next to the trim piece, don't be afraid to just yank it out. It slides right out.
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    2) The trim piece has 3 bolts/self tapping screws in the locations circled above (bolts not pictured), remove the 3 bolts w/ a T-25 torx bit.
    3) Pull the rubber window seal off the door across the top until reaching the mirror
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    4) Remove the small speaker on the inside of the door, it pops right out, no bolts. Pull the rear side off first (it will sound like it breaks but mine didn't). Then pull UP on it. It has 2 little plastic pop "rivets" and you'll slide it off these 2 without pulling them out of the door .
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    5) Remove the 3 bolts that hold the mirror on w/ a T-30 Torx bit, 1 is behind a little rubber cap that pops right off. Disconnect the wiring connection and the mirror will pull right off easy.
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    6) Pull the rest of the weather stripping straight out, there's a quite a bit on the mirror side that is down inside the door.
    7) Now the "tough" part. Roll the window up so about an inch of the glass is sticking out on the mirror side. This will act as a starting guide to start pushing the new seal down inside the door. Make sure all the folds are correct, it's a pretty intricate seal, and slide it down as far as you can surrounding the glass. Then roll the window all the way down again because it makes it much much easier to push the seal in. Squeeze the seal into a "U" shape surrounding the window and push it inside the door. After every inch or so of pushing the seal in, roll the window up so it kind of aligns the seal. Do this until the seal is fully pushed in.
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    8) Finish pressing the seal into place across the top of the door. Once reaching the other corner it's easiest to get the corner all pressed on, THEN place the new plastic trim on, bolt it down, and then finish the seal pressing it onto the trim and pushing it again down into the door like you did on the other side. Use a flat blade screw driver to wiggle and push the seal all the way against the trim to ensure there's a good seal. Put the mirror and speaker back on, roll the window up and presto!!!
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    '17 ST3 Magnetic
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    -Euro "Ford Power" Ignition Button
    -Lamin-x Yellow Fog Light Covers
    -Yakima Roof Rack (stickered fairing of course)
    -Steeda Clutch Assist Spring
    -Queue: Steeda Shifter Base Bushings, Steeda Shift Bracket Bushings, Breedt Short Shift Arm, and Redline Leather Goods

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    This is how all DIY guides should be written, damn good job ScottyT!
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    Bout to attempt this tomorrow!

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    Very nice write up! By chance have you or anyone else on here removed the other black plastic pieces? Is it safe to assume that once you remove the rubber seal that there will be access to the screws on the other pieces?



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