The mod list is in the description, but the majority of it have nothing to do with making the car faster.

The stuff you need to know -

MFactory LSD
Spec 3+ Clutch and Flywheel
CPe Big Intercooler
Catless downpipe (at that power level a cat doesn't hurt output at all)
Cat-Back Exhaust
Injen Intake
GTX2971 .86 A/R (fairly sure it's a ATP kit)
Stratified 4 injector port injection with Guardian Angel
Tuned on E40 by Brian @jst
BC Coilovers (thought you can't slam the car with a 26" tall slick)
M&H 26x8.5x17 slicks

Assuming it's a full weight ST (full interior) a trap speed of 121 mph puts output in the 430 hp range.

As I said before an ST with around 400 hp can run deep into the 11's and decent 60 ft time, this is proof.

Is not the fastest ST however, the fastest is [email protected] mph. The car in the highest horsepower dyno thread that made 562 hp went [email protected] full weight, no video exist just a time slip I've seen it.