Turbo upgrade driveability
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    Turbo upgrade driveability

    Just wondering, for those who have upgraded your turbo....how much difference in lower rpm (sub 3k) did you notice after the upgrade? I love the "insta-boost" of the factory setup, just curious how much of that fun factor goes away after the upgrade.

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    Big turbo is more fun than stock imo. If you want fast boost characteristics like stock but more room up top, look at a smaller big turbo like the 6158 or similar sized. Full boost by 3k and then will pull all the way to redline, will easily go above 300whp/tq on pump gas:
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    Ok well I have the a Speed6 also with a Corksport Turbo which is by measurement and flow slightly larger just a tiny bit bigger then I believe its the 2867, and the Speeds come with K04s factory which are bigger then these factory turbos to begin with. Anywho I have always said Id love to have the Corksport turbo I have on my Speed6 on my 18' ST, it pulls from really low I mean it builds full boost easily 2800 if not earlier but I wasn't built forged in my speed so I wasn't boosting alot below 3k, and it pulled 25 psi the whole way to 6800 and wouldve kept going had I tuned it up there. But we stopped at 7k. And my MAF housing was maxed at Maf flow so I couldn't up the boost anymore but it was good for 28 to 29 psi easy reliably. So I would say if I was going to go bigger turbo of anysort I'd go with the gtx2871 or one of the new G55-220 or whatever they are called. To me seeing as how Corksport compared the gt28 and their turbo very similarly that'd be the perfect mix of both worlds, lots of low end torque and continuous highend spool. I remember people putting the gt30 and gt35s on the mazdas and they wouldn't spool till 3500 or more depending on how big their housings were.
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