2016 ST3 Not Recognizing Key Fobs
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    2016 ST3 Not Recognizing Key Fobs

    Hello everyone,

    After leaving my 2016 ST3 sit over night I tried to take it on a drive when the keyless entry didn't work when I placed my hand to unlock the car. I tried every button on the fob but no response. I tried using the other key fob and there was no response either

    I assumed the battery was dead - as when I opened the car with the metal key the radio and the lights never came on.

    Now that the battery is charged the car won't recognize either key fob still.

    I tried opening the car door with the metal key and put the keys in the bottom of the center console where the key scanner is but the alarm went off and still wouldn't recognize the key

    I tried reprogramming the keys with no luck

    The car won't start with the key in the bottom of the console because it won't recognize them.

    Any help? Much appreciated.

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    I know that the odds are slim of this being the fix, but have you tried new batteries in the key fobs? Maybe just pulling the battery out of the key fob letting it sit for a few minutes then reinstall the battery and giving it a try. Could be a electronic communication brain fart of sorts.

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    Just replace the key fob batteries at CVS or Target or wherever. The same thing happened to my Titanium Hatch last year. Ford Dealer said $400 for a new key fob & I laughed in their face & walked out. $4 batteries at Walmart & both Fob’s work perfectly now. Just look on the back of the battery to see the correct V number.

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    Have you checked to make sure you do not have any fuses blown. Or tried with the charger still hooked to the car battery to make sure there is not some sort of dead short in the battery, car one. Sounds like something else is dead and not the actual keys.
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