My 2014 TB ST Daily Driver Build
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Thread: My 2014 TB ST Daily Driver Build

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    My 2014 TB ST - Big Turbo Daily Build

    I guess it's about time that I started a build journal on here. A little about myself, I've been into "tuner" cars since the first time that I watched "The Fast and The Furious". Something about that movie just got me hooked. The ST is the newest car that I've ever owned, and by far the most fun. I also live in WNC, so I'm surrounded by fun roads, and I'm just a couple of hours away from US 129, the Tail of the Dragon. Enough about me, onto the car.

    I picked up my 2014 ST3 in June of 2015 with 6,100 miles on it. And I waited about 6 weeks until I started with the mods. I bought a Green Filter USA air filter and a Torque Solution RMM. Shortly after that I bought a Cobb AP v3, and it was on from there. This is my daily driver, so it has some rock chips, and blemishes here and there, but I still absolutely love this car.

    This is a picture of the night that I got to bring the car home. Financing wasn't completely finalized, but they let me take the car home for the night. I was stoked the next day when we finalized the deal with Ford!

    Name:  20150603_204712.jpg
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Size:  2.74 MB

    Current modifications:

    Mountune MRX turbo kit w/ EFR 6758 option
    Mountune MRX 3" catless downpipe
    Mountune air filter by Green Filter
    Depo 3.5" FMIC
    OEM RS airbox
    1/2 of a JBR 3" intake
    Radium PCV plate
    Radium dual OCCs
    Radium symposer delete
    Torque Solution RMM
    AWE Track Edition CBE
    Cobb AP v3 tuned by Randy at Mountune on 93

    Konig Oversteer 18x8 +45 in Opal
    Achilles ATR Sport 2 in 235/40/18
    OEM RS brake air guides

    JBR short shift arm
    JBR shifter cable bushings
    JBR shifter base bushings
    JBR solid shifter cable bushings
    OEM RS shifter assembly

    Boosted Designs dead pedal
    GarageLine throttle pedal spacer
    Redline Goods shift boot
    Anarchy Motive 6 speed Atlas Shift Knob

    ST Suspensions ST-X coil-overs
    TB Performance front traction brace
    TB Performance rear traction brace

    Diode Dynamics DD5005 LED fog lights w/ yellow Lamin-X film
    Vega Motorworks canards (waiting to be powder coated)
    Boomba wing risers
    OEM Fiesta ST red 3rd brake light
    White ST emblem inlays
    Black center caps with black metal Ford decals

    I think that is the rundown so far, but I might be missing a couple of things. I definitely have a lot more planned for the car, and should be adding auxillary fuel, a clutch and LSD later this year. I'm also planning RS Brembos, new wheels, JBR motor mounts, etc. in the future, but we'll see what happens next. I'll upload pictures once I'm home. If you're local or passing through the area, I'm always down to go on a drive, just shoot me a message!

    This is one of my more recent pictures taken up on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I'll add some more posts in the next few days once I have pictures in chronological order.

    Name:  BRP_Sideshot.jpg
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    July 2015
    I had my windows tinted, 20% all around, and added yellow fog light film.

    Name:  20150626_070840.jpg
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    November 2015
    I decided that I wanted to shave my grill. Talk about a mess. I used a DA sander with 80 and 120 grit sanding pads. All in all it took about two hours to get it sanded and remove all of the little bits, but I think it was definitely worth it. In the last picture, you can see that I didn't remove the rubber ducting, but got rid of it later on.

    Name:  20151120_122203.jpg
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    Name:  20151120_132302.jpg
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    Name:  20151120_152833.jpg
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    Name:  20151120_172751.jpg
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    Name:  20151120_164505.jpg
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    February 2016
    I had been driving around for a while on the Cobb OTS tune thinking my car was super fast, haha. I had never driven a turbo car, so it was fast to me. With just a Cobb OTS tune and a Green Filter my car made 234/347 on a Mustang Dyno.

    Name:  20160212_222331.jpg
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    February 2016 Continued

    By the beginning of 2016 the mod bug had bitten me pretty hard. I picked up a Torque Solution RMM, JBR PCV oil catch can, and a Steeda sound symposer delete. I Plastidipped my symposer delete blaaaaccckkk to make it more stealthy.

    Name:  JBR OCC.jpg
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Size:  682.5 KB

    After the dyno in February, I was focused (ha) on making more power. I did some searching on this forum and discovered Stratified's flash tunes, and that they were pretty cheap. Towards the end of February, I received my first 93 flash tune from Stratifed. I felt like the car was much more responsive than it was on the OTS maps.

    August 2016

    I had always liked the look of the OEM snowflakes, but decided to see how much a set of wheels would run me. After finding out that we have such an uncommon lug pattern, I searched Focus ST wheel images and discovered Konig Oversteer wheels, and that they were pretty cheap. I ordered a set from Discount Tire Direct for around $500, and they were to my door within a week. I had them mounted and drove down to the River Arts district in Asheville do take some pictures.

    Name:  14087632_10155341795192281_493829210_o.jpg
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    Name:  14124047_10155341795242281_1538553817_o.jpg
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    October 2016

    I was ready for more turbo noise! I found a crazy good deal on a JBR intake on eBay, and I jumped on it. I liked the fact that the finish on the intake matched my previously installed OCC. In the meantime I bought a JBR symposer delete with a vacuum port to replace my Steeda delete, so that I could run a true vacuum source to my BOV. I thought my engine bay was starting to look pretty good by now.

    Name:  JBR_INTAKE.jpg
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    November 2016

    By now I was ready to be FBO. I bought a 3.5" intercooler from Depo, as well as a Magnaflow CBE and Magnaflow catted downpipe from Hott Exhaust. Everything showed up at the same time, and I was ready to get started, but the quality of my downpipe was horrendous.

    Name:  Magnaflow DP.jpg
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    Name:  Magnaflow DP II.jpg
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Size:  982.4 KB

    After seeing the "quality" of that downpipe, I ordered a Depo catless downpipe. Once it arrived, I got everything installed. FBO, OH YEAH!!!

    Name:  DEPO_INTERCOLER.jpg
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Size:  3.43 MB
    Name:  Magnaflow CBE.jpg
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    December 2016

    It was time to add some corn to my cars diet. I bought an E30 tune from Stratified, and man oh man, the car was so much more fun with the added ethanol. The only downside is that the closest station that sells E85 is down in Statesville NC, a little over an hour away. I ended up buying two 5 gallon VP jugs and just go ahead and fill up the car each time I made the trip.

    Name:  E85.jpg
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