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ST 1 headlight upgrade

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by , 03-03-2019 at 07:18 PM (121 Views)
Let's face it the headlight that came with the Mark 3 are trash.
I want to get the HID lights from a newer 2018 ST3 or an RS.
However, looking through copart and Ebay hasn't returned much. Ebay has a few for about 4 grand for a pair from an RS! And at Copart everything that I've found seem to be wrecked ST2's and ST1'S that don't have the HID option.
I just want to see the road at night AND want to pass a DOT inspection...

I'd rather not just change the bulbs due to the already dim turn signals might get washed out and technically to pas a DOT inspection you can only use halogens in a halogen fixture.

Thanks guys!
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  1. spencerLjones98's Avatar
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    Oh and my car is a 2017 ST1
  2. STallion18's Avatar
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    Sorry about your inspection dilemma. The ST3 hid,since they move with the steering input. The beam is very narrow. ST1 beam is wider. I bought some led online for $25 with 6k spectrum. It fit completely inside the housing. They are as bright as the hid or more. They come in the 4K spectrum that is more yellowish like halogen bulb. Since they are the same color and fit inside like the OEM, it my pass inspection. Just saying. It’s only $25.
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