Whether your ST only sees the streets, only sees the track, or any mixture of the two, you need a good clutch!

Advanced Clutch Technology and Aristocrat Autosport have just what you need to shave those tenths and/or make that commute while holding enough power to keep up with your ride!

Aristocrat Autosport has their Heavy Duty clutch/flywheel kits, both the ceramic 6 puck (565tq) and street organic (445tq), both in stock and ready to ship out!

These kits both come with their heavy duty pressure plate, their respective discs, their Streetlite flywheel, a high quality release bearing, and an alignment tool. Bought separately, these things could total to over $1600!!!

But Aristocrat Autosport is currently offering them for $1252 for the 6 puck kit, and $1232 for the street organic kit!

Send us a PM with your ZIP code to inquire about special discounts and offers!

Sales tax applied for California customers

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