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Thread: Ford Focus ST Estate Mountune review (2014 onwards)

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    Ford Focus ST Estate Mountune review (2014 onwards)

    From MSN Cars UK

    01/04/2014 12:15 | By Richard Aucock, contributor, MSN Cars

    Name:  red.jpg
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    Ford Focus ST Estate Mountune: summary

    The most powerful ST Ford ever Ė and although it doesnít like to shout about it, the ST Mountune is a bit of a thriller.

    What: Ford Focus ST Estate Mountune
    Where: Rockingham, Northamptonshire
    Date: January 2014
    Price: From £23,275
    Available: Now
    Key rivals: Volkswagen Golf GTI, Vauxhall Astra VXR, Skoda Octavia vRS Estate

    We like: performance, exciting drive, practicality, price, feel-good cabin
    We donít like: you canít use all of the power all of the time, itís too understated given its extra potency

    Name:  yellow.jpg
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    The Ford Focus ST is a hot hatch thatís hotter than the daddy of them all, Volkswagenís Golf GTI. The Blue Oval car puts out a healthy 250hp, compared to the Golfís more meagre 220hp. Even the so-called Performance Golf only produces 230hp.

    But such a margin isnít enough for Ford. Thanks to engine tuning partner Mountune, it now offers its own performance kit, upping power to a scorching 275hp. Thatís the same as a basic Porsche Cayman Ė yet the Mountune Focus ST still costs less than a basic Golf GTI. Appealing? Certainly Ė if the front-wheel drive machine is able to handle it, that isÖ

    The Mountune kit consists of a cast alloy inlet duct, high-flow air filter, larger alloy intercooler and a recalibrated ECU: nothing else is changed and even the Ford factory warranty remains fully intact. For around £1,200, itís a bargain.

    Uniquely, Ford also offers it as an estate, the model we tested here Ė as the Mountune kit is dealer-fit (it takes around 90 minutes), thereís nothing stopping the creation of a 275hp wagon, something we rather like the sound of. And even this one is cheaper than the Golf GTI.

    This makes it a delicious family machine for the mum or dad who have kids but donít want to grow up just yet. In that tricky transition between owning a sporty car and driving a full-on MPV or SUV, this is the perfect way to smooth the waters.

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    Ford Focus ST Estate Mountune: performance

    If you like fast Fords, youíll love this: itís an even faster Ford. The firm says it dips beneath the six-second barrier in the dash to 62mph and takes less than five seconds to scorch from 31-62mph. Thatís very, very fast. The appeal of 295lb ft of pulling power is not to be underestimated either.

    And boy, does it go well. The standard Focus ST is a nicely (ahem) focused machine: this dials things up nicely to make it an ST+: half way to a proper Ford RS. Immediately, it sounds the business, with appreciably more turbo whoosh than standard: this soon translates into more shove which, yes, leads to the nagging doubt you have with a 275hp front-drive car: wheel-tugging torque steer.

    Sure enough, if youíre a hooligan, this thing will feel like a wild bucking bronco. Smart drivers will understand that mighty 275hp canít be deployed all the time: less savvy ones will expect 295lb ft of torque to be delivered just as smoothly as 250lb ft. It wonít be. If you expect it to be, it wonít feel good.

    Basically, route one performance driving wonít work here. Youíre getting something extra in reserve here for the times when you can use it; donít spoil the times when you canít by also trying to deploy it then. If youíre sensible, itís surprisingly manageable Ė often, itís actually the immediacy of the carís response at low revs that catches you out (until you recalibrate and start to exploit it).

    Name:  yellow3.jpg
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    Ford Focus ST Estate Mountune: ride and handling

    At higher speeds, the electronics deal with power delivery extremely well, making it a deceptively fast and unexpectedly satisfying fast cross-country machine (we particularly liked the geared-up, borderline-edgy feel to the direct, positive steering).

    The chassis isnít actually any different to the standard car but, despite the extra power it has to deal with, it still handles it ably.

    Name:  interior.jpg
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    Ford Focus ST Estate Mountune: interior

    The Focus Estate is a practical, roomy thing that is not hindered in any way by either ST or Mountune trim (visually, it adds but a yellow badge on the bootlidÖ). Itís a bit rortier than the standard ST, but in a nice way, and folding the seats both turns the boot from 490 litres to 1,516 litres and might release a bit more exhaust noise to balance it.

    The ride is firm but beautiful Ford tuning means it shouldnít be objectionable, while the seats are exceptional and the driving environment has the feel of a genuine hot hatch. It even has extra dials on top of the dash; although itís packed with buttons and baffling displays, the Focus is a grown-up, feel-good and high quality car to sit in.

    Name:  yellow4.jpg
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    Ford Focus ST Estate Mountune: economy and safety

    On paper, the Ford Focus ST Estate returns 39.2mpg and emits 169g/km CO2. Not too bad for a 250hp hot hatch: this, of course, is a 275hp hot hatch, and Ford hasnít released any revised figures for it.

    Safety will be compromised only because itís faster: otherwise, all the same passive and active safety devices as the standard car are fitted. We felt the traction control was particularly effective Ė cutting in just enough without cutting the fun.

    Ford Focus ST Estate Mountune: the MSN Cars verdict

    With our family-focused hat on, weíd buy it like a shot. This is an entertaining hot estate thatís both sophisticated yet also has a hooliganistic element that requires thought to tame Ė yet which delivers appreciable extra go when you do.

    Some say modern cars are too formulaic and dull: this is the antithesis of that, and all the better for it (indeed, itís probably preferable to the hatch because of this). That it costs, in standard guise, less than a standard Golf GTI seals it: well worth checking out.

    Ford Focus ST Estate Mountune review (2014 onwards) - MSN Cars UK
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    I would have bought one of those, if it was available here.

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    I just want to know when a warranty-friendly Mountune 275 kit will be available for us US folks. I frankly need the warranty, and 275HP would be plenty for my daily driver purposes. At $2k I'd do it tomorrow.

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    The Estate is cool, I would def consider one.

    The wheelbase is probably the same..

    Main question is: Is Ford able to make the rear visibility even worse?
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    im tellin you i'd drive the absolute pants off that car!
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    I grew up riding in wagons my whole childhood. My brother has a '93 Caprice wagon that I think I might have to take off his hands soon. I wish there was more of a market here in the states. If I could get that estate shipped here at a reasonable price you're damn right I would own one...in TS of course.

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    Dear Ford:

    Please honor your "One Ford" philosophy of selling the same car everywhere, and bring the wagon to the US. I will trade in my Hatch tomorrow for a 6 speed wagon if you offer it.
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