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Thread: MyTouch Steers Ford to a Lawsuit

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    I know that the only real winners in a class action lawsuit are the lawyers. But, if a lawsuit is what is needed for Ford to get the motivation to fix the MFT issues, I am fine with it.
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    My issues;
    All MFT features are slow and sometimes unresponsive when you first start the car. These issues do seem to smooth out when the car has been running for about 5 minutes, but when are you most likely to be looking for an address? Example, I get in the car and ask it to find an address. It's not sure about the address so it says "Please choose" but it doesn't go to a menu from which I can choose, it still has the last menu on the screen. It then beeps and says I did not make a choice. Um, yeah, there's nothing to choose from?! Another example, I leave my flash drive with 2500 songs plugged in all the time. When I start the car and say "Play Beatles" it says, "I'm sorry, I didn't understand." We go back and forth for several minutes and then it finally says it's indexing and to try again later. Why doesn't it say this up front. Actually, why does it need to re-index something that has been re-indexed 20 times? And while we are on the subject, why does it switch to another input about every 3rd time I start the car? When I have a passenger in the car this can be really embarrassing. All that fumbling around and it refuses to work properly. Car and driver once said that the failure of Oldsmobile could be directly attributed to the owner embarrassment factor. In other words, if your car frequently embarrasses you then you are more likely to trade for another brand. If all the owners traded for Buicks it would be enough for the marque to go under (just slight paraphrasing!). Embarrassments would include, but are not limited to, 1) Rattles that can't be fixed. 2) Infotainment foibles. 3) Frequent breakdowns. 4) Anything else that might pop up when you might take a coworker, friend or boss to lunch or dinner.
    To be fair, I knew about the MFT issues before I signed on the dotted line. However, I have had the car since December last year and there are no updates? Doesn't that seem a little odd that they would not be able to fix the issues in 8 months? All leading me to think that 1) they are not fixable, or 2) they aren't trying to fix them, or 3) they aren't spending enough money to fix them. Leading me to the conclusion that they must not be aware of how badly the issue reflects on the company as a whole.

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    Not only is MFT a pile of garbage half the time, but so is syncmyride.com... its always laggy, and half of the things time out or black screen. I cant even download the "update checker tool" because it just refuses to download and goes to a blank screen (chrome, IE, firefox) on both of my computers at home. It seems like once a month I have to completely reset system settings thanks to blue-booth completely borking out or some other unnecessarily broken feature to stop working. If Ford is selling this MFT as something so amazing, they really need to step it up. I came into it expecting something that was at least usually stable, but what I got was something that 30% stable.

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    I want to hear more about 'auto owners to "[suffer] losses in money and/or property."'
    Has anyone here suffered with these issues?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cowlynz View Post
    I want to hear more about 'auto owners to "[suffer] losses in money and/or property."'
    Has anyone here suffered with these issues?
    The fact it's so bad and been in the shop so many times (like mine was) could definitely affect resale... one look at the dealer history, and anybody with half a brain would have run away screaming when they saw mine... haha

    Would make it much harder to resell, and I would NEVER dream of selling to anybody that I knew or liked.
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    I have not had any problems with mine. My only complaint is that sometimes it takes a few seconds to change my presets but it only does it occasionally.


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