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Thread: Fun yet stupid things you have done

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    FST Junkie! Rising Sins's Avatar
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    Fun yet stupid things you have done

    I have done at least hundred of stupid things in my ST already, but all where fun. But this morning was probley the funniest, Funnest and Dumbest thing I may have done so far lol. So me and a buddy from work both needed to go to the store for food. So we both went after work. So we do our shopping he makes fun of me for buying $12 worth of Koolaid it was on sale damnit and i needed to stock up. But as we were pulling out I decided to have fun and drift my little ST around the parking lot. I am absolutly amazed now at how well the ST is to control, I had TCS set off and the ST just went exactly where I wanted it to go. And the dumb ass mutha was looking at his cell phone, so I still have no other witness to testify at work that you cam power-slide a FWD car perfectly lol.

    So anyone else done stupid yet fun things you shouldn't do in public places.

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    I spend too much of my life on FST! geargrinder's Avatar
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    Even though I'm sure some ever law abiding forum member will end up flaming this thread for being horribly irresponsible on public roads. My disclaimer, this was a closed course professional driver. I was leaving work one day (deserted industrial area), I see one of the guys from the shop on the same road. I decided to pass him on the right (not really a lane), didn't see the giant bump in the road, and got air born. It looked pretty impressive from his point of view, from mine, not so much.
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    i might have done some donuts on wet pavement. Maybe

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    I spend too much of my life on FST! kflaig's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by geargrinder View Post
    ... and got air born.
    I'm jealous! I NEED a video of my ST getting air to go along with the one I have of my 2000 Ford Excursion (diesel) getting 2' of air out in Vegas.

    I'll admit that the serene feeling of having all four off the ground was interrupted by the absolute panic I felt when that heavy front end seemed to be ready to turn it into a dart that was going to stick when its nose hit. I didn't and survived without a scratch. BTW, I never did that again.

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    I never do anything fun, funny or dangerous in my ST...wink, wink.

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    I remember when I was 18...
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    FST Member PEIwoman's Avatar
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    Okay, I will fess up....

    The day after I took my ST3 home (last Saturday), I was learning about all of the buttons and lights and features this car has.

    The car was covered with salt and water spots, so I took it to the brushless car wash by my house, up the road.

    Name:  touchless-car-pic.jpg
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    While I was waiting for the wash, I was reading more of the owners manual...happened to be on the part about AMBIENT LIGHTING.

    I pressed the button I thought would select the color, but it was the moonroof.....

    .... ya...... OH MY

    Needless to say, I had brief cardiac arrest and choice words out loud

    then figured out how to get that roof to close back up and BARELY missed having a total disaster on my hands.

    Thankfully, the sprayer was busy doing the back of the car.......

    I couldn't have driven out of the carwash if I had to either....there was too much ice.

    I barely got out of the carwash without sliding into the pole when it was done, because the ice was so bad on the exit....

    My heart is beating fast just thinking about it all over again....

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    I spend too much of my life on FST! buzzard's Avatar
    is looking forward to spring!! :)

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    Lol, too funny, that had to be scary though...glad it all worked out!

    2013 Focus ST Tangerine Scream

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    FST Member blasterboy's Avatar
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    while it lasts

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    Swing the back out frequently with people onboard... Freaks them out haha

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    Laid down two nice black strips on the asphalt


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