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Thread: I can't decide

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    Im, in the same boat , ST 3 or ST2 ...white with ST3 seats , black with ST3 seats ...ST2 white/blue Black/blue? TS all black ...TS with TS inserts ...blue looks good too....../sigh 1st world problems!

    2013 Focus ST Tuxedo Black

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    I had black cars for 25 years and never thought I would get anything but black. Had the Tuxedo black been a normal solid black (doesn't look like a true black in sunlight) I would of got one without any hesitation. So I then looked at the other colors and fell in love with the Tangerine Scream! Not been pulled over but it is highly visible and I get a lot of stares and comments. Very easy to find in a crowded parking lot, lol! You really can't make a wrong choice, just get what YOU like the best!
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    2013 Focus ST Tangerine Scream

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    Like every one said all the colors do look good. Seems most color have multiple colors hidden in them (Excluding black, white and Silver) But the other 3 have some real character to them and is a bit flashy, but ehhh who cares. My car don't get to much eye attention till I shift gears and hear the rather loud blow-by from the turbo due to the GreenFilter. I prefer the TS though, I don't like blending in to well lol. I'm kinda of an outspoken person, So I got the outspoken color.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobra View Post
    I am a few days away from buying a ST3. I just am having trouble deciding on a color. The local dealer will be getting a Tangerine Scream ST3 and Tuxedo Black ST3 in the next few days. I really like the Tangerine Scream, but my concern is the potential for it being the new "Arrest Me Red". I am also open to just placing an order for the Race Red or Performance Blue (sorry no offence, but white doesn't do it for me). With the way the weather here is right now there isn't much use for a performance FWD car, so I can wait to order one. I kindly ask for your best arguments to sway me to a particular color. I had a black F150 Lightning which I loved, when it was clean. I still have a Torch Red (looks like Race Red) Cobra, and a bright Orange Chevelle SS454. Please give me your best argument for a color choice. Thanks everyone!
    Well you have red and orange right now. Do you want to add yellow? Or do you want to go with something else?

    The ST pretty much looks great in all colors, really. Just choose the one you enjoy and could live with the most.
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    @Buzzard Hell yeah! It doesn't matter what time of day or how crowded the parking lot. A quick scan and you'll instantly know where you parked.

    If anyone is torn between ST2 and ST3 then you're in the same boat I was in. The Dealer I was buying from had ST2's and ST3's so I was able to look at them side by side. The Interior is sooooo much nicer looking when it's all leather. Plus you get the HID headlights which pretty much pay for the upgrade alone. They're definitely worth it.

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    I love the blue, bit to me it looked purpley in shade which I did not dig. The scream was my next choice but I thought when its paid off I'm going to be 32. Am I really going to want to drive a bright yellow car still. So race red it was. Even though my truck and my other turbo toy are also bright red. I really wish they offered the ruby red on the St. That would be my first choice. I love black and may paint my other turbo car black as its a under cover weekend car but personally I thought the black took away from the lines of the car and blended in to well with the black accents on the car. Plus a black daily... pass

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    I spend too much of my life on FST! U S Marine's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrome_Rush View Post
    The scream was my next choice but I thought when its paid off I'm going to be 32. Am I really going to want to drive a bright yellow car still.
    Uhemm, I'm 48 and I drive a Tangerine Scream.

    WTF are you trying to say? My color says WTF I'm trying to say! IN YOUR FACE MF'r! (Crap, was that my outside voices?)
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    I spend too much of my life on FST! RoachRage's Avatar
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    TS because next to other yellow or orange cars it really pops. No, I said POPS.

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    FST Junkie! WoRkZ's Avatar
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    Ooooooow... 32! Dude that's almost geriatric!

    Wasn't the average age of ST buyers somewhere around 50 according to our forum census? Just saying but that would probably mean that most TS owners are over 32... just sayin'...
    Race Red ST3


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