2016 Focus RS test drive experience
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Thread: 2016 Focus RS test drive experience

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    2016 Focus RS test drive experience

    Presently driving a 2014 Focus ST ST3. Have previously owned a NC Miata, Scion FR-S, Boxster S, and TTS. After a deal fell through on a local fully loaded RS, the dealer contacted me as they knew I was VERY interested.

    This is just my experience. I have not tracked any of my cars. My cars are used as DD's with spirited driving on entry and exit ramps and weekend twisties. My 30 minute daily commute (each way) is spent half on the highway and half city driving on bad roads. I live in the North East. I am in my fifties. My experience may not apply to you or the way you drive. I am not trying to create a storm of controversy.

    My present situation dictates that I have only one car and it has to seat 4 people (back seats for short or moderate stints only). Steering feel is very important to me.

    The RS is a stunning car (Nitrous Blue) and if you own an ST, you immediately feel right at home as the interior is nearly identical. I drove it in both normal and sport modes (I did not try track or drift). The acceleration is excellent and felt much quicker than the ST. The steering is very precise. It was an ST on steroids without torque steer. Exhaust noise seems a bit fake, but wasn't overly annoying. I loved driving the car...but- the ride is very stiff (FR-S type stiff) and a bit jarring over rough roads. The trade in value on my 2014 ST was pretty bad (even with very low mileage, two sets of tires, Ford racing exhaust, and RA mud flaps). So- for me the question came down to- would the RS be worth the extra (not insignificant) cost?

    Unfortunately, I passed on the car. It is a GREAT car- make no mistake. But- for me and the way I drive, I did not see that much more added to my present driving experience to justify the cost. I think if I was coming from a boring car (like an A4) or was planning to track the car, I would jump at the RS, but the ST provides me with endless smiles every time I drive it. Sure- it's not the fastest car, but the ST is fun. I don't mind the torque steer and actually find it entertaining. To get the RS to it's limits would be beyond my capabilities and the way I drive. Also- I find the ride in the ST is perfect- not too stiff, but not too soft (and remember I am on bad roads with large pot holes).

    ST owners would DEFINITELY be happy with the RS, but you need to look at the way you drive and what you are looking to get out of the car. Please remember- this is just my experience with the car on a 20 minute test drive. The RS is a much more sophisticated and powerful car. I am not saying I would not be happy with the RS (I would), just that in my present situation and for the way I drive, I could not justify the additional cost (things other people may have to consider).

    Hope that gives another perspective from a present ST owner that was fortunate enough to get to test drive an RS.

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    That's pretty much what i thought after test driving one, I test drove one up at Tasca Ford in Cranston, RI. I loved the look of the car, Nitrous Blue is an amazing color in person, but when considering how the vehicle will be used(daily driver) i just couldn't justify the difference in price. The one i test drove had an MSRP of 42,xxx, had it been a base model that was closer to $37k the story may have been different.

    Tasca was selling their RS at sticker price.
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