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FocusST.org - 2013 Ford Focus ST Forum

Aug 07, 2012 - 11:37 AM - by STdan

Welcome to FocusST.org, the premier Ford Focus ST Forum for Ford Focus ST Owners and Enthusiasts. Built for ST owners by ST owners. We aim to be a friendly, educational community dedicated to everything about the 2013+ Ford Focus ST. To take full advantage of the site, we ask that you please Register - It's quick and free! You can take advantage of some of our most popular features on the site which are linked below.

Focus ST Forum
- This section contains all general discussions on the new 2013+ Ford Focus ST. (Focus ST Forum)

Ford Focus ST Garage - This sections covers all Focus ST Performance upgrades as well as general Maintenance.

Ford Focus Purchasing - Have questions about purchasing a Focus ST? This section contains Pricing, Dealer Feedback, Latest Incentives, and Release Information

Ford Focus Photos and Videos - Focus ST Photos, Pictures, Wallpapers, Videos, and more.
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[Contest Time] Who Likes Free Stuff?! Sony Action Cam Up For Grabs

Aug 27, 2014 - 3:05 PM - by NickJ

All of this talk of the 2016 Focus RS got us thinking about the Future and what it will hold for the Focus Line and Specifically the Focus ST. Then we thought that it would be good to let you guys and gals help us think about what the new Focus ST could and should look like.

In order to enter for your chance to win your very own Sony Action Cam with GPS all you have to do is reply to this thread with a minimum of 3 (5 MAX) things that you would like to see on the 2016 Focus ST. Post those 3 things and elaborate on those things.

I am not looking for a quick list:
Quote Originally Posted by Lazy Entry
  • 1. New Fog Lights
  • 2. New Grille
  • 3. New Hood

Okay now give me stuff.
If you want to win awesome things, give me awesome, developed thoughts and ideas!

Photo-chops, diagrams, things scrawled on napkins are highly encouraged.

The contest will close on Monday Sept 8 at 12:00 PM CST and we will select the winner to be announced that afternoon.
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The Focus RS Might Storm the Beaches of the US in 2016

Aug 27, 2014 - 11:36 AM - by NickJ
Name:  FordFocusRS_15-sm.jpg
Views: 1645
Size:  36.5 KB

Just as the Beatles made landfall from the UK in the 60's the late teens could see another European invasion, but instead of screaming pubescent girls, the all new Focus RS will make all of the tires in the US worried that they will be fitted and then shortly thereafter burned off of the latest AWD monster that is the Focus RS. That's right... AWD! The boffins at Ford have ditched the old drive system in favor for a completely new AWD system for the RS.

The "old" RS, you know the one that we just get to look at from across the pond, had an inline 5 pushing a very respectable 305 horses out to the front wheels. In order to keep all of that power from jerking the steering wheel out of your hands and putting you directly into the nearest wall, embankment, or telephone pole, the power was fed through a thing that Ford called "RevoKnuckle." (Obviously I think of this guy when I see that name.). The "new" RS will be sent along the road at a rather quick pace with the 2.3L EcoBoost 4 that is making an appearance in the 2015 Mustang EcoBoost and the power, of which we can only speculate at below, will be sent through that new AWD system.

The power... We can assume that the RS will make more power than the ST (a gibbon {yes I know that is supposed to be given, but gibbons are funny}), and it would make sense to have it make more power than the Mustang, of which is slated to make 310 horse and 320 torques. If they use the same Honeywell twin-scroll turbo, we know that more power is possible because Tuning. Due to the news that the RS will make an appearance stateside in "EXTREMELY Limited" quantities, we don't have to worry about the government waving it's finger at Ford and making them hit ridiculous MPG requirements. Those are relegated to the "Full Line-up" of any... [Read More]
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Consumer Reports most fun to drive list: Guess who made it?

Aug 24, 2014 - 6:44 AM - by ST2Focus
Which cars lead to grin-inducing satisfaction

Last updated: August 2014

Name:  ford-focus.jpg
Views: 7187
Size:  39.9 KB

Fun to drive is a subjective measure—an elusive quality that can mean different things to different people. From our experience, a car can have a very powerful engine and accelerate quickly, but without handling agility, it's not much fun. For us, fun is a combination of factors such as handling response, sound, and the nature of the power delivery that lead to grin-inducing satisfaction. To come up with our list of the most fun cars to drive, we first took a slice according to our scores for handling, steering feel, and body control. Then we looked at acceleration, but found most cars today have plenty of power. Finally, we took a secret ballot to give our testers a chance to capture those elusive subjective qualities, including sounds. Below, we present our picks for the cars that are the most and least fun to drive.

Most Fun to Drive | Driving Enjoyment - Consumer Reports
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The FocusST.org Top 10 List is Live!

Aug 14, 2014 - 1:37 PM - by NickJ

Image Credit: TR3 Performance

So you think you have the reaction times and a quick enough car to make the Top 10? Prove it. We have been working on this for a while now, and with the help of some absolutely amazing and tireless mods, sda3 and hemiCouple, we have amassed our master list of FocusST.org Track Times.

Only the fastest Focus ST's around the country will make the Top 10. In order to get your name on the list, all you have to do is lay down a fast time at the strip, and then post a photo of your time slip in the Official Focus ST Track Times thread. That is it. Sounds simple right? It is pretty simple to get on the list, but to get into the Top 10... That is going to take a little more effort.

If you post a Top 10 time, simply contact myself, sda3, or hemiCouple via PM and supply us with a link to your posted time slip, and we will get you added to the Top 10!

Name:  Times.png
Views: 15522
Size:  223.0 KB

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Detroit Rain WILL Eat Your Focus ST!

Aug 12, 2014 - 3:36 PM - by NickJ
Name:  FocusFlood1-sm.jpg
Views: 20647
Size:  31.4 KB

Ever have one of those days where things just don't go right? You wake up late, and then stub your toe as you rush to the shower. Later, you spill the cup of coffee leftover from your morning on your favorite jeans only to leave that smell of sticky, stale, annoying lingering around you for the rest of the afternoon. You look out the window to watch the clouds mounting as you plan to leave a little early to miss the rain because the guy on the radio says it is going to rain a lot, so you should try and beat it.

There you sit with your toe still hurting, and the annoying smell of coffee rising from your jeans renewed by the rain . You have had to weave your way home adding miles and miles to your commute due to the fact that you had to finish up some work before you got to leave and your normal route has been ruled as non-navigable passages by the local authorities. How could this day get any worse? I will tell you.

Name:  FocusFlood2-sm.jpg
Views: 20489
Size:  26.9 KB

It can be worse by trying to ford a seemingly passable bit of water. Seems like you can do it just like the Mustang GT that you witnessed cross only moments ago. I mean that Mustang is a Ford, and your ST is a Ford, and hell, it is in the name ford. Perfect. Creeping ahead, your car begins to take on water, and then all forward movement is turned into backward floating. BAIL! And not the kind that involves a bucket and a boat. The kind that has you crawling out the passenger window as you flee to safety on what was once the elevated shoulder of a highway and is now a river bank.

Name:  FocusFlood4-sm.jpg
Views: 20406
Size:  24.8 KB
... [Read More]
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Support FocusST.org by becoming a Supporting Member!

Aug 12, 2014 - 11:14 AM - by NickJ

Many of you have asked us how you can help support FocusST.org. Some looking to help us get the word out with their friends, some wanting to organize meets, and some even wanted to donate to the site to keep the servers running. We didn't feel right taking anything like that without being able to offer something in return! We put our thinking caps on and decided to open up some great features on the site!

For just $12.00 a year, you can count yourself as one of the Elite Members of the best Focus ST sites on the web! Consider supporting the site that you know and love!

To see what we have put together and the benefits associated, follow the link below:

FocusST.org Supporting Member Program
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